Continuing with Tradition

The more things change…the more things stay the same. As the world around us constantly evolves Higbie Maxon Agney understands the importance of continuing with tradition.

Jaime Rae TurnbullWe would like to announce Jaime Rae (Agney) Turnbull’s transition to a leadership role within the company. Under Kay Agney’s mentorship Jaime Rae is working closely with her mother on marketing, as well as recruiting new agents. Jaime Rae will also share management duties with Kay, her primary goal being to expand the business to reach more clients throughout southeast Michigan, as well as resort locations.

Jaime Rae is a very successful selling agent in her own right, selling luxury properties throughout Michigan as well as exotic locations worldwide.

Under the leadership of Kay Agney, Jaime Rae Turnbull and the team of associates, Higbie Maxon Agney remains in good hands, driving the company forward, while continuing to maintain the traditional values that remained so dear to Hugo S. Higbie – integrity, heritage and lifestyle.