Historical Architecture of Grosse Pointe – End of Year Quiz.

Over the past 12 months we have written about some superb buildings, shared the historical stories of the many architects that have created them, and introduced you to a few interesting facts about the wonderful homes that are around Grosse Pointe.

We thought it would be fun to publish an end-of-year quiz with photo’s and a short description from 10 blogs we posted in 2015.

Can you guess the house or the architect we are referring to?


Question 1: Where am I?

In 1914 I became the first house to be constructed on Bishop Road. Built in a Colonial Revival style I boast many impressive decorative elements, including a large staircase featuring a grand bow window, and a wrap around porch and terrace.

I was designed by the architectural partnership of Alpheus Chittenden and Charles Kotting for Harry C. Walker who resided in the house until 1921. Since then I have had a list of impressive owners, including Oscar Webber.

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Question 2: Where am I?

I am one of only a few homes to be built as a collaborative project between J. Ivan Dise and Clair William Ditchy. Originally built on 3 lots, my garden was designed by noted architect Leonard B. Willeke, and featured a sea of tulips.

In 1941 I became one of the first homes in Grosse Pointe to be fully air-conditioned. My basement features a handsome semi-circular bar, believed to be part of the exhibit stand in the General Motor’s pavilion at the first New York World’s Fair in 1939.

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Question 3: Where am I?

I am one of Grosse Pointes most distinctive homes. Built in 1927 for the Head of Engineering at Packard Motor Car Company, I have handsome copper gutters, a distinctive conical roof and a six-door oak refrigerator in my kitchen.

I have a several rather unusual features in my basement including a tavern room and a dry dock under the living room.

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Question 4: Where am I?

Located across the pond I am home to the Earl of Grantham, and head housemaid Anna Bates.

Built by Sir Charles Barry in 1883, I have a very distinctive Gothic style, I am 120,000 square feet and set on 86 acres, which dominates the local surroundings. There are many wonderful carvings on my towers, and there are numerous intricate carvings of dragons below many of my second floor windows.

I have a total of 300 rooms including 60 – 80 bedrooms. The heart of the home is designed to resemble a medieval English Great hall and features a magnificent 50 feet high vaulted ceiling.

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Question 5: Who Am I?

I am a renowned artist, landscape painter, architect and I was considered to be one of America’s more influential landscape designers. I designed several buildings in the Detroit area, including at least 5 in Grosse Pointe, including a building – in 1910 – that is pivotal to the community.

I also created a superb Colonial residence in 1927, located at 17315 East Jefferson, along with a rather distinctive 8,000-sqft stately manor home, located at 99 Lothrop Grosse Pointe Farms.

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Question 6: Where am I?

Completed in 1930, I am possibly one of the foremost examples of Gothic architecture in Grosse Pointe. I was intended to be a cathedral, however there could only be one cathedral in the Episcopalian diocese – the Cathedral Church of St. Paul on Woodward Avenue in Detroit already held that distinction, so I remained a Chapel.

I am one of only two buildings in the state of Michigan designed by the prominent New York City firm of Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue Associates. My main chapel is modeled on a 15th century English Gothic Church, built in a Latin-cross configuration with a 50-feet tower at one comer.

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Question 7: Where am I?

I am a quaint English Cottage hidden amongst the trees. Albert Kahn designed me in 1930, however I am arguably one of his least talked about homes and quite possibly the most modest Kahn building in the Grosse Pointes.

I am constructed of brick, with a striking chimney on the side along with a tile roof. When I was first built, I had at least 57 large trees surrounding me, and was originally part of a larger estate.

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Question 8: Where am I?

I am one of the largest homes in Grosse Pointe City, designed by Charles Crombie and Henry F. Stanton – masters at creating homes with exquisite brickwork.

Built in 1925, I have 3-stories and feature a magnificent bay window, a wonderfully detailed front entrance with five rows of brick set within a step formation leading to the front door, and 3 stunning interlocking brick chimneys.

I was built for Dr. Arthur B. McGraw, who resided in the house until 1954.

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Question 9: Who Am I?

I designed over 40 homes in and around Birmingham Michigan, and at least 10 significant homes in Grosse Pointe.

I have several key characteristics to my designs, which includes creating midsize cottage style houses with exquisite detailing, elegant woodwork, and an abundance of light.

In 1926 I created 2 rather stunning French Country style residences – a very distinctive 4,500 sq ft home located at 242 Lewiston, along with a larger 6,683 sq ft home, situated on nearly one acre of land on a private lane near the lake.

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Question 10: Where am I?

I am one of only three homes in Grosse Pointe to be designed by this modern master.

Built in 1941, I am constructed of Unit blocks – a rare award wining method. Also known as the ‘Robbie Robertson House’ my design reflects my architects philosophy of composed order – achieving harmony among the people, materials and concepts used in my construction. At 2,559 sq ft I may be small, but I am perfectly formed.

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How well did you do?

We will be continuing the series with another extraordinary building next week.


Written by Katie Doelle
© 2015 Higbie Maxon Agney


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